Chef Justin Hor 何志強師傅

Deputy President, The Malaysia Selangor & Federal Territory
Ku Su Shin Choong Hung Restaurant Association

Group Executive Chef,Oriental Group of Restaurants

Woh Hup’s sauces suit ever-changing consumer trends and help to satisfy different taste profiles. Of these, Sambal Shrimp & Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste are my favourites as these authentic flavours are highly versatile, not only bringing out the unique flavours of Southeast Asian cuisine but also complement a variety of cooking styles.

和合與時並進,其醬料種類繁多,絕對能滿足所有人的味蕾。尤其喜愛和合蝦米辣椒醬和海南雞飯醬,和合蝦米辣椒醬不僅能帶出東南亞菜式的風味, 無論用以炒菜,炒海鮮或用作燒烤魚類的醃料都會很和味。


2010   Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2010-2012  – Best Chinese Chef
2006   World International Top Chinese Chef
2005   World Golden Chef Competition  – Most Creative Food Display
2004   Maitre Hotelier, Chaines des Rotisseur
2010   World Golden Chef Competition 
– Super Gold Cup – Gold with Distinction &        
The International God of Gourmet Highest Honour Award